TO: The Secretariat Medicines Rescheduling Unit Therapeutic Goods Administration Canberra Australia

FROM: Thomas Hartle, Saskatoon, SK

DATE: Feb 28, 2021

First, I would like to say thank you for the opportunity to speak about my patient experience with you. My name is Thomas Hartle, and I am a Canadian who has been dealing with stage 4 colon cancer for the past 5 years. I have undergone a significant number of different treatments and therapies as part of my condition. These therapies include medical procedures, naturopathic procedures, and several natural supplements. I am the first person in Canada to legally use…


The purpose of our response to the Delegate of the Secretary’s decision not to reschedule psilocybin under the Current Poisons Standard is to request further examination of regulatory models that currently exist in comparable countries.

Our response, researched by top Canadian academics and experts in the Canadian psychedelics space, addresses some of the misconceptions and inconsistencies outlined in the Delegate’s interim decision. …

Ron Shore, PhD (A.B.D.), M.P.A., Queen’s University/University of Ottawa, Keren Gottfried, MA, University of Ottawa

Contact: RS, /

October 25, 2020

Prepared for the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights and the Senate of Canada

Submitted by Field Trip Health Inc. and Kydder Management Group Inc.

Ronan Levy, Founder & Executive Chairman, Field Trip Health Inc.

Michael Kydder, Founder, Kydder Management Group Inc. 902.880.6121


The following literature review was prepared at the request of Field Trip Health Inc. and Kydder Management Group Inc.

Its purpose is to inject an academic perspective from leading Canadian psychedelics…

Although few Canadians may have heard of Thomas Hartle, he recently made an historic contribution to end-of-life care in Canada. Mr. Hartle i​s the first palliative Canadian to ever receive an exemption to access psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy to ease his end-of-life distress.

In an August webinar hosted by national advocacy group, TheraPsil, Mr. Hartle described his “spiritual” experience with psilocybin as “relaxing, peaceful and beyond words.” A few minutes and 19 words later, he said something that forever changed the way I view psychedelic-therapy. He said:

“I was being dragged by a horse called Cancer towards a cliff called death, but…

Psilocybin: a naturally occurring psychedelic prodrug compound produced by more than 200 species of mushrooms

On August 4, 2020, four terminally ill Canadians got the wish they were hoping for: an exemption from Canadian Minister of Health, Patty Hadju, to use psychedelic mushrooms as part of “psilocybin therapy” to help ease their end of life anxiety. Let that soak in for a second. Magic mushrooms + the government of Canada + the private and non-profit sector coming together to form a public policy position benefitting sick and dying Canadians. Excuse the pun, but this is mind-blowing!

By the time this blog was published (6:44pm, Aug 3), the embattled Ellen DeGeneres still had a job with NBC, although the sharks are circling and she’s all but stated that she’s done. Her show will be canceled in the next 48 hours.

DeGeneres, whose net worth is a reported $330 million ($84 million/year), is just the latest celebrity to face the reckoning of a cancel culture war brewing in workplaces across the world. Forbes’ Senior Arts Contributor, Dani Di Placido (@Dani_Di_Placido), nailed it perfectly this week in a piece entitled The Dramatic Fall Of Ellen DeGeneres Marks A Shift…

British Columbia’s Numinus Wellness Inc.

I admit, when I first learned of Numinus Wellness Inc. I balked at the idea of “evidence-based psychedelic-assisted therapy.” It was too Scooby Doo for me —after all, I was the Debbie Downer in high school always turning away magic mushrooms and drops of LSD. But as I read more into Numinus Wellness Inc. (NUMI. V) (TSX-V 0.2650) I realized it wasn’t just about mushrooms and acid.

As Founder of Kydder Group Inc., I have made mental health advocacy a priority. Having experienced depression, ADHD (high impulsivity) and generalized anxiety from adolescence to where I stand today, it was important…

(Photo by the Toronto Star)

They’re handsome, charming, intelligent, motivational, and they’ve hobnobbed and jolly-trotted with celebrities and international high society types for two decades. The crème de la crème if you will. Until two weeks ago, Marc (43) and Craig (37) Kielburger had been quietly amassing a measly $70 million charitable (and financial) empire through their WE Charity — a confusing and intricate web of not-for-profit and private holdings that now has them embroiled in the biggest Liberal scandal since #AdScam, #AgaKhanScam, and #LavScam.

My motive here isn’t to cast judgement on the Kielburger boys or Justin Trudeau over…

We all remember the scene in Wolfgang Petersen’s 1995 action thriller, Outbreak, where unsuspecting patrons sitting in a movie theatre are exposed to an airborne fictional Ebola-like Motaba virus. It still creeps me out.

When the threat of Covid-19 started shutting businesses down across the world in March, the most oft cited depiction of the “worst-case scenario” was the one of movie goers gobbling up flying Covid particles along with their popcorn. It was an image Canadian entertainment giant, Cineplex, was assuredly aware of, and it wasn’t good for business. …


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